Mandy Mussleman

Mandy Mussleman

Adoption Coordinator & Executive Director

amandaMandy was raised in a small town in Tennessee where she spent her time playing outdoors and exploring nature. She tried her hand at many activities including dance classes, gymnastics, horseback riding competitions, cheerleading, color guard, and karate. None of those activities kept her interest, and she found herself always returning to one thing: animals. The family pets included dogs, cats, horses, chickens and even ducks. She loved taking care of animals and planned to become a veterinarian. Mandy graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin in 1997 with her Bachelor of Science.  She moved to Birmingham and entered the workforce. Mandy returned to graduate school and graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2006 with her Masters of Education. amanda2

In 2004, Rick & Susan Wyatt sent a prayer request searching for someone to fill the needs in their office. Mandy responded and was deemed a perfect fit. Mandy assists in all aspects of the adoption process. As the Executive Director, she is responsible for monthly reporting to Alabama DHR. She coordinates meetings with prospective parents to sign adoption documents. She also prepares and submits legal documents for Probate Courts and Interstate Compact (ICPC) packages.

She enjoys being a support person for the birth parents throughout the adoption process. She works closely with the birth mothers during this emotional time in their lives, and often visits them in their homes to explain the process and help with necessary paperwork. Mandy is available for the mothers before, during and after the birth of the child.

Mandy truly believes that adoption is a gift of love.