Bekah Morrison

Bekah Morrison

Adoption Coordinator & CFLE

Bekah is originally from Oxford, AL. She grew up in a two parent home as an only child. During her childhood she had a few friends that were adopted and she learned of their basic experiences, but to her disadvantage never knew how valuable the adoption process really is, not only for the birthmother but also for the adoptive couple receiving a precious child. Throughout high school she began to envision what she wanted to do with her life and career. Assuming that she wanted to be teacher as her mother had done, she pursued clubs in high school such as Future Teachers of America that would eventually lead her to her teaching career. Around 11th grade, Bekah decided that it was not only children that she wanted to help one day, but families in general. She was able to work in her dad’s law office many summers and decided that this would be how she would help families… through the legal field.

After graduating from Oxford High School she went on to attend her dream college, The University of Alabama.  When she began at Alabama she pursued a general degree with thoughts of one day going to law school. That degree choice quickly changed when she found the degree program of Human Development and Family Studies through the College of Human Environmental Sciences. This degree program was perfect! It was a way to learn about the interworkings of families and the career choices that would allow her to help people. She also received a double minor in Psychology and Consumer Sciences.
When her senior year drew near, she knew that she would have to complete an internship that worked directly with families. She wanted to complete an internship in family court, but her advisor quickly told her that she would also have to complete a more “hands on” internship working directly with people. Her advisor suggested Family Adoption Services. Bekah had a negative connotation when it came to adoptions. She was very uneducated about the process and thought negatively towards a lady “who did not want her child”. Bekah quickly realized she was completely wrong. After visiting Family Adoption Services website, she knew that this was where God was leading her. This would not only be an internship, but eventually a job. It was a perfect match for her. Not only would she be able to work with people and families, but she would be able to help in the process of creating new families! What an awesome reward! The “cherry on top” was when she noticed that not only was the agency in Birmingham, AL where she planned to go to law school, but also the owner of the agency was an attorney. It was absolutely where she had to be! After completing her internship, she was very honored to receive a job at Family Adoption Services. Bekah graduated from the University of Alabama in December 2010. She received her certification as a Family Life Educator by the National Council on Family Relations.

Bekah & Noelle BBekah now understands that adoption is an absolute gift and that a woman who places her child for adoption is making one of the most selfless decisions that she will ever make. To be able to see the process unfold with birthmothers and the couples they choose as the forever family for the child is beyond amazing.

Bekah enjoys being able to work with adoptive couples during the home study process of their adoption. She loves being able to learn about a couple not only through meetings, communications, and their autobiographies; but also through their Dear Birthmother letter that will eventually be given to the woman who could choose them as the forever family for her child. She enjoys hearing the story of how they came to adopt and just getting to know them in general. Months down the road it is also especially rewarding to Bekah to be able to see what child God has chosen to become their child. She also enjoys being able to work with women who are planning on placing their child for adoption. She assists in getting them to doctor’s visits, helping with paperwork, and also preparing documents for them to sign for the adoption.

Bekah graduated from law school in May of 2015 and is currently pursuing her masters in elementary education.  She is now able to use her degree in helping to finalize adoptions while continuing to work for Family Adoption Services.  From being able to help couples file their adoption documents into court to assisting Rick in other cases, this is truly Bekah’s passion.

Bekah is married, and she and her husband have two children. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, trying out new restaurants, and going to the beach.  They attend Liberty Baptist Church.

Bekah believes adoption is a beautiful link in the circle that makes families complete, and that it is absolutely a gift from above for every family waiting for a child!