We always wanted more than one child, but after our son was born, we were terrified to have another child due to health issues that arose prior to his birth. When our son was 3 years old, we found Family Adoption Services.  For some reason, they stood out to us on a list of Alabama agencies provided by DHR.  I called and talked to them and soon, we met in person.  We immediately decided that this was the agency for us. WEBSITE PICTURE
During our wait, we ran into a situation where we truly thought we were going to be parents again.  When that didn’t work out the way we’d hoped, Rick and Susan were there for us.  I broke down crying ugly tears and I will never forget Rick walking over to me, stopping everything and just hugging me.  During that time, we grew to love Rick and Susan and I was so thankful that they were both there for us. They were there for us again about 6 months later when we met our beautiful daughter.    
When you meet Rick and Susan, you know this is not just a job to them.  This is their life.  They live and breathe adoption and each of these babies is so special to them.   Everyone in their office is great.  Both social workers that visited our home made us feel at ease and calm (not easy during a home visit).  Bekah was there for us during our finalization and was absolutely wonderful.  Mandy was great at answering the tons of questions I had. 
In the end, as Susan described perfectly, that first baby just wasn’t our baby.  Our daughter was meant to be our baby.  She is a perfect fit to complete our family and we are so thankful that her birth mom chose life for her and allowed us to parent her.   We are also thankful for Family Adoption Services for allowing our dreams to come true and helping complete our family.
                                                                                                                                                               ~ Jonathan & Holly

Recently, as I picked my son up from Mother’s Day Out, his teacher said, “Simon is just so sweet. He is so nice and is the same to everyone.” My first thought was not to thank God for such a wonderful boy, or to pat myself on the back for raising a loving child. No, my first thought was the same prayer I’vIMG_8443e repeated many times, “Thank you Laura for not aborting him.”Laura is my child’s birthmother. She was a teenager when she became pregnant, and her home life was difficult. I imagine that abortion may have seemed to her like a good idea, perhaps the easiest way out of her situation. But she chose LIFE- and that made all the difference to us- and for Simon.Sometimes I just look in wonderment at Simon. Tears rise as the thought crosses my mind: What if he had never existed? Had she aborted him, our family—and even strangers—would not know the joy that Simon brings. We’d have missed out on his infectious laugh, his jubilant renditions of “Rocky Top” (even to a crowd in the grocery store), and his thought-provoking questions. His wonderment and curiosity of the world around him makes us see things in a different light.Or sometimes, I think about what might have been had Laura kept him. Would he be happy? Would she have been able to provide for him the stability he needs? Would he be hungry? Would he be afraid?I never thought I would be able to have children. We adopted Simon when he was a few days old, and we were content with having just him. Surprisingly, however, I discovered I was pregnant last fall. And finally, I got a glimpse at the ultimate compassion and sacrifice of a birthmother who chooses adoption for her baby.Throughout my pregnancy, I kept thinking what it would be like to have a baby growing inside of me, knowing that I would place the baby with a forever family. Being pregnant was almost indescribable to me. I felt somehow chosen to bear this new life – What an enormous responsibility! I was in awe of the changes in my body and the constant flood of emotions from elation to apprehension. I imagine that Laura felt all of these things-and more. I imagine she felt anxiety during the decision making process, fear of making the wrong decision, despair over the responsibility and change in her life, and perhaps personal grief.But should you give choose adoption, I hope that you feel

  • Peace, in knowing that your baby will go to a family who can provide for their emotional and financial security.
  • Blessed, in knowing that although your pregnancy may have been a unplanned, your baby is not a mistake. That baby was meant to be in someone’s family, and you are blessed to be the giver of such a gift.
  • Empowerment, in knowing that you can bring a family together forever.
  • Contentment, in knowing that you made the right decision for your baby and yourself.
  • Love, knowing that one day your child will grow to understand your loving sacrifice, while appreciating the love and gratefulness of the adoptive family.

Abortion or single parenting is not your only option; choosing adoption your baby could be the best gift ever. While pregnant, I had this letter—this message—already forming. Perhaps I was allowed to have Asa so that I could reach out to you to save a baby’s life from abortion or be a small part of bringing a forever family together.

You are not alone. Family Adoption Services will envelop you in love and support you each step of the way. They will help make your selfless sacrifice, a loving gift. Your choice impacts not only you, but also your baby and a potential family. Please choose LIFE and allow a forever family the indescribable gift of happiness like Laura gave to us.


A Blessed Mother

After 5 years of infertility, we came to understand that God was leading us toward adoption. At that point, we searched and called more than 25 adoption agencies from Alabama to California. It was so confusing because it seemed that each agency told us exactly what we wanted to hear. We wanted God to give us a “Neon Blinking Light” of which agency he wanted us to use. Then it happened. I remember calling Family Adoption Services and talking with Susan. Something was different about that conversation and made us want to learn more. After sitting down and talking with both Susan and Rick, we knew what that difference was: Family Adoption Services really is a family. We were not a number; we were a family member wanting to become a Mommy and Daddy. We jumped right in and completed our home study. Many people have asked how we knew what to say in our birth mother letter. I will share the best advice we received: be yourself because you never know what one thing your birth mother will love about you! I remember exactly where I was when my phone rang! I vividly remember and can still hear the voice on the other end of the line saying, “There is a baby boy”! The next few days were filled with anticipation, fear, and excitement! I never knew the true meaning of a hero until one very courageous young woman placed her baby boy in our arms. I wanted to tell her so much, but no words could do that moment justice. I wanted to tell her thank you and how much it meant to us that she chose us. I wanted to tell her how I had dreamed of that day. However, at that moment all we could do was promise to love him unconditionally and share the wonderful story of his birth and his birthmother’s unselfish decision that answered our prayer. That was the promise we made and we live by every day! That day our family grew and gained much more than a son!

– M & J

How can we possibly thank you for changing our life? Although it is difficult for us to express in words how our hearts are filled with insurmountable love for our children; I can tell you that not a second goes by that I am not eternally grateful to the gift that we have been given

I am not sure how large the club of “Second Timers” are, but I doubt there is a better testimony I can give than to say that our experience with Rick and Susan, and the entire Family Adoption Services family was so wonderful that we placed our hopes and dreams in their hands not once, but twice. We researched many different adoption options and agencies, but felt strongly that Family Adoption Services was the answer to our prayers. The moment we walked into their office we knew that we had found the right advocates in Rick and Susan. They guided, counseled, nurtured, and celebrated with us. We appreciate the time, attention, and care that they spent in working with us and with our birth parents. I found that I truly had friends in FAS. The year we adopted our first baby, I remember Susan proudly hanging a photo collage of that year’s children in her office. They nickname the babies and she could name everyone one. Several years later when we began our second adoption the photo collage had grown so large that there was not a frame large enough to hold them all, but she could still name each child. And that is something special. To care so deeply that you can name each child, speaks volumes for the FAS family.

Part of the adoption process that will stay with you longer than the wait, is your relationship with your birth parents. This is where I found my relationship with FAS invaluable. I have a different relationship with each of my birth parents and they help me with that. Finding peace in our relationship with our birth parents is the part of the post-adoption process that I have found the most serenity. I admire our birth parents tremendously. They are all brave and loving people that hold special places in our hearts. My circle could not be complete without them.

To all the parents still waiting for their little bundle of joy, we know it’s hard but you must be patient. We waited over a year with FAS for God to deliver each of these special gifts to us. Our hearts continue to go out to families hoping to adopt and birth mothers looking for the right choice for their baby. We only hope and pray that God gives them the same comfort and reassurance that we felt in our hearts.

Wishing you peace and blessings,

– Jaret and Melissa

Our call to adopt was one that I honestly didn’t want to hear from God for many years. After longing to carry a child and many unsuccessful fertility treatments my husband and I began to pray more and more seeking God’s plan for our lives and for our family. During a youth retreat with the youth group that my husband led, we were asked to pray for God to give us a revelation. A few days later a young lady took the stage and spoke of her adoption by her parents and the similarities of our adoption through Christ. As tears streamed down my face, I knew God had a plan for us to adopt our child.

The process started with our home study and then finding an agency. We were actually turned down by another agency because we were “too young” at the age of 25 and 27. Devastated, I wondered if we were moving in the wrong direction. Continued prayer confirmed that God was still working and moving, so we made an appointment with Family Adoption Services. We knew that we were at the right place when we met Susan and Rick. They instantly put us at ease, answered our questions, and got us started on the track to our baby. The process flew by for us as we were chosen by a birth mother after she read our “dear birthmother” letter.

On a Tuesday afternoon I got a phone call asking if we could come to Birmingham on Thursday to have a meeting. We didn’t know why we were meeting again because they protected us in case our birth mother changed her mind. As we arrived to the agency on Thursday we heard a baby cry out and my husband’s eyes lit up. Shortly after arriving, they brought in our little baby girl at 6 days old. I never knew a love so strong until I held my sweet girl. The journey for us was God driven and I’m so thankful that we were led to FAS along with our daughter’s birthmother. I am so grateful to our birthmother for her selfless act of giving us the child we so desperately desired.

The group at FAS is amazing to work with. I love how they love the families they work with. Knowing that our daughter was in the care of Rick and Susan in the days before we brought her home was reassuring too. I have personally directed other couples to FAS because I believe so strongly in their “work” and how passionate they are about it. I’m so thankful for the amazing group of people that helped bring us together with my daughter.

– T & A

From the first phone call to Family Adoption Services we felt like part of their family. We had tons of questions and they answered every one with so much patience. Susan, Rick, Mandy and Bekah are so wonderful and made us feel like we were their most important family. The one thing we will always remember is Susan telling us it was “God’s job to put families together.” She hugged us and said she didn’t know how long it would take but she would bring us a baby.

Let’s be honest, the process is not fast. Susan and Bekah helped us keep straight all the things we had to send in and once again showed infinite patience. The day we got the letter saying everything was completed and we had been approved was such a relief…now we just had to wait. In retrospect, the few months we spent completing all the paperwork was a very small sacrifice for the gift of our child, but there were many days it seemed like a distant mirage that was never “really” going to happen.

Sitting in their quiet little office, Susan and Rick handed us our miracle from God. Thinking back to the day Susan walked in with our little girl and put her in our arms still brings tears to my eyes. She kept her promise. We are a family. There had never been a more perfect baby and we had never been more scared in our whole lives. All we could do is stare at her in amazement. It makes one feel very humble, undeserving of such a huge gift. We prayed for her birth mother to have peace and know her baby would be loved beyond measure. It was the best day of our lives. We woke up a couple and went to bed a family.

We know our family has been abundantly blessed and we thank Him for leading us to Family Adoption Services. There have been many hugs and kisses, some tears and giggles, and a few sleepless nights since we became parents. Now, we are getting ready to celebrate our little girl’s first birthday. We have spent every day, for the last eleven months, celebrating her birth, now we get to share it with our friends and families.

-B & P

Recently someone asked me why I chose adoption for my son. All I knew to say was God told me to. Sometimes people want to know more than that, especially if they are considering what’s best for their child.

I started praying every night for God to make me a good parent. Finally I realized that everyone who is a good parent puts their child before themselves. In order for my son to have a good life he needed stability, a home and parents who could give him a wonderful future. None of which I could do as a teenager. I went to my Mom and asked her if she was okay with me considering adoption. My Mom, my boyfriend and I prayed. We all prayed about it and all three of us separately found the same agency, Family Adoption Services. I went to meet with Susan, she is honestly the sweetest woman I know. She helped me so much and she still does to this day. She is so encouraging. When I was about 16 weeks pregnant we started looking at profiles for adoptive families. We found the perfect family… and they are literally perfect! I get pictures of the baby all the time. I send him presents and talk to his mom very often. In the future when he’s older I will get to meet him again, I know that in my heart.

I’m not going to lie, the week after I gave birth was the most difficult week of my life. Even though I knew I did the right thing, I still experienced pain and grief and loss. I cried all the time. But I got better every day. I have to remind myself that he’s happy and I have to keep working every day to be the best person I can. I truly believe God led me to adoption.

– Kathryn

We will never forget the day we got “the call” from Susan at Family Adoption Services. With one call we had finally became parents. It was the second best day of our lives. The first best day was a few days later when Susan placed our beautiful baby boys (twins) in our arms.

We cannot put into words how much we love Susan, Rick, and the staff at FAS. FAS is an agency like no other. Somehow they manage to love and care for everyone involved in the adoption process. As the adoptive parents, they made us feel like family instantly. They are honest, professional, and made us feel confident and at ease during the entire process. They embrace, respect, and care for birth mothers like no other agency. Most amazingly, they somehow fall in love with each baby and then, because they love them so much, they are able to place them in the arms of their forever family. I have researched and spoken to dozens of agencies and have never encountered one that cares so much or loves so deeply. They truly go above and beyond.

We are so thankful that FAS helps us keep in touch with our birth mother. Our birth mother will always be a special part of our family and we are so thankful to her for the difficult decision she made. We share photos and letters, which I am keeping for the boys to have when they are older.

We love our boys so deeply. We love them enough to not be afraid to ensure they understand and are proud of their roots, heritage, and how much their birth mother loves them. We pray for their birth parents and half siblings every night.

Thank you FAS for the miracles you make happen on a regular basis. You are selfless, amazing people and true examples of Christ’s love.

– Bryan and Natasha

IMG_7295Googling “adoption” and “adoption agencies” was simply overwhelming…that is, until we found Family Adoption Services and one other agency. We called both and after initial discussions, there was no doubt that FAS was our agency. We loved the fact that it is a smaller agency, so we knew we wouldn’t get lost in a pile of paperwork or be just another number.

In addition, our first conversation with FAS was with Susan, one of the owners, and appreciated that she took a half an hour to tell us her own experience with adoption and also the steps and procedures required for their agency. Though she must have given this speech countless times, we were impressed by her passion, gratitude, and love and also the fact that the steps did not seem complicated.
We were further convinced that FAS was right for us because of their policy of waiting five days to contact us so that we would not become overly anxious of knowing about the birth–or worse, receiving the baby but then having the baby taken away from us should the birthmother change her mind. Finally, we were comforted to know that once our baby was born, the baby would go home with Susan and Rick; truly, this couple has a unique calling, and we are still awed at their compassion and love for all parties involved–the babies, birthmothers, and adoptive parents.

Everyone we met at FAS has a heart for what they do and view their job as their calling. We appreciated that we had a 24 hour access line…just in case! Having Rick as our lawyer was completely stress free as we trusted him from the first time we met; he has such a warm, calm spirit. Mandy and Bekah were also wonderful to work with as they were always prompt when returning emails/calls and were endlessly patient. Getting to see everyone again on our son’s “legalized adoption day” was such a blessing as well–they are truly like extended family.

From our initial online searches, we had the impression that the adoption process would be grueling, difficult, and disappointing. However, we couldn’t have been happier with FAS and found that the only “hard” thing is just having to be patient waiting for our baby! We were blessed with our son nearly a year ago and wouldn’t change a thing.

– G and A

For over 8 years we have dreamed of adding a new member to our family. After years of trying on our own and several failed IVF treatments we decided it was not in God’s plan for us to bring a child into this world on our own. Together we made the decision we could provide a loving family and home for a beautiful baby by means of adoption. After looking into many agencies we never found the right one until we met with Rick, Susan and their entire team. The whole experience was wonderful and nothing can prepare you for the excitement you will go through when you receive the call that a baby, in our case a beautiful little boy, is ready to meet their new mommy and daddy. Rick and Susan are personable, understanding and most of all genuine in wanting to help adoptive parents make the right decision. We will never be able to express our gratitude towards the agency for helping us make our dreams a reality and they will always hold a very special place in our hearts. When we decide to add another baby to our family we will be reaching back out to Rick and Susan to help us with this new journey!

– Elizabeth and Chris

My name is Elizabeth and I am 22 years old. I was adopted when I was 8 months old to the most loving and caring parents. My three brothers were also adopted. My parents provided a loving, learning and supportive environment to grow up in. I am so grateful to call them my parents. They are always there for me when I need them and will do anything to ensure I have great opportunities. They have supported me through sports, school and personal issues. Without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today and no words will ever describe how thankful I am for everything they have done for me.

I don’t ever remember a time when I didn’t know I was adopted. From a very young age my parents have been open about my brothers and I being adopted. It is also pretty obvious too, since my parents are Caucasian and my brothers and I are all Biracial. I have never seen myself as being different or not part of the family because of my skin color. I actually never notice it until someone asks if that is my mother or father. Then I have to explain to them I am adopted, but I like sharing that I am adopted. No one has ever made fun of my family or I because we are an interracial family. Most people think it is pretty cool to have all adopted children and I think it makes our family very special! My friends have always been supportive of my family and I have never been made fun of for being a different skin color than my parents either.

I think adoption is one of the most unique things. It’s awesome that other people who are unable to have a baby are given a gift from another person. It shows that people who are giving their baby up for adoption have such a kind and open heart. Giving a baby up for adoption is also one of the hardest things, I imagine, someone can go through. You gave life to this baby for 9 months then are giving the baby away. But, it shows courage for the birth parents that they are able to make such a life changing decision.

Adoption, to me is, one of the greatest gifts I have ever received in my life. My birth parents gave me an opportunity for a better future that they could not provide for me. Being adopted into my family meant that I could have a chance at a normal childhood and experience the world the way a person should. There has never been a point in my life where I was angry or upset I was adopted. I knew that my birth parents thought that adoption was the best solution and I am so grateful for that. I thank them for not being selfish and letting me have this opportunity. I’m not saying that being adoption has always been a positive experience, because life always has its ups and downs. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to know information about my birth parents and have always wanted to get questions answered. It is definitely hard going through life with a piece of you missing. Imagine not knowing where you came from and or having any information. It is a stressful thing to think about. However, I think it is only normal and healthy for someone who is adopted to ask these questions and wonder. But, it’s what makes you unique compared to other people. I love my birth parents so much, even though I have never met them. I thank them for giving me this life and letting me have a better opportunity. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about my birth parents. I always wonder if they are thinking about me and what their life is like. I just hope they are in a loving and happy environment. When my birthday comes along I always ask myself if she is thinking about me today. I can’t imagine that she would not think about me.

If you are a birth parent reading this, I would have to say what you are doing is hard, but if you know you can’t provide for your child the way you want it’s the best decision. I can’t imagine the pain and how difficult it was to give your baby up for adoption, but just know they will love you for the decision you made. I would also say, try and be as open as possible to your daughter or son trying to find you when they are of age. Like I said before, they are going to curious and want to know answers. But in the end it is your decision and what you think is best for yourself.

If you are an adoptive parent reading this, I would say to be open with your child from the very beginning. Adoption is not something to be ashamed of. It is so common these days and it is important to be open and honest with your child as much as possible. They are going to be curious and that is only natural. I would have to say be supportive as much as possible if they want to find out who their birth parents are. They will not love you any less; they just want to find a piece of them that is missing.

Currently, I am going through the process of finding my birth parents. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t stressful. There are so many unknowns and a lot questions going through my mind that can get overwhelming. But, without the support of my family and friends I would be unable to handle the emotions that come with the process. It might be a long process, but I am ready. I think if I were to have done this when I was 18 or 19 I would not be able to. But, being 22, I am more mature and can handle some of the emotions that come with this a little better. I am so excited to find out more information and fill in this missing piece of the puzzle about my life. It is stressful, but hopefully rewarding experience.

– Elizabeth

Indescribable Love
I got pregnant when I was 18 years old and was in no place to raise a child. I still am in no place to raise a child. It only took a couple of weeks for me to decide that adoption was going to be the best answer for my baby and me. Through a friend and fellow birthmother, I found Family Adoption Services. They were so sweet and kind to me, and made sure that I got everything I wanted for my daughter. The weekly phone calls and check ins were great for me to remind myself of what a wonderful gift I was going to be giving, not only to a couple who make wonderful parents, but also to my sweet, innocent little girl. I knew that God had sent me to Rick and Susan for a reason- to give the undying gift of love. Through the months of my pregnancy, I was able to create a bond with my baby that can only be understood if you have been pregnant before. However, I knew that that bond and the ever-lasting love I have for her is all I could offer. As difficult as it seems, my decision was not a difficult one to make. I know that I have chosen the right path and that my daughter will not become another statistic, that she and I are able to break the mold through love and a connection deeper than blood. Now I sit here, and she is with her new parents, who are absolutely amazing, and though the wounds of giving birth only a week ago are fresh, and the pain in my heart is deep, I find comfort in the love I know she has and will forever receive. It is truly a Godsend to have been connected with such wonderful people as her parents. I know, as a 19 year old girl, that I have grown in ways I never knew possible, and I have found my own inner peace. This is solely from the love I have for such a beautiful little girl. The memories are bittersweet, and the love is indescribable, but the future I have made for her and for myself, is bright and full of hope. I know, in the depths of my soul that giving my daughter the life she deserves and that she will prosper in, she will be proud of her story. Being able to watch her grow and learn will be amazing, and even though I won’t be there when she takes her first steps, or speaks her first words, I will take comfort in knowing how unbelievably happy she is and will remain. I could not have had a more perfect adoption story, if I had written it myself. I will forever be grateful that God sent me down this path and that He gave me the strength, courage, knowledge, patience, and LOVE that He did. If not for Family Adoption Services, I do not know, nor do I want to imagine how this sweet baby’s life would have turned out.

Thank you, forever with love,

As I sit here and try to put into words what Family Adoption Services means to us, I find that it is almost impossible. They, along with God, have given us the most wonderful gift anyone could ever receive….a beautiful baby boy. Our long journey to parenthood started over 8 years ago. We tried to have a biological child of our own. We went to a fertility specialist (2 to be exact), and we didn’t have any luck. I was able to get pregnant 2 times, but both pregnancies ended in miscarriages. Needless to say, my husband and I were devastated. The 8 years of fertility treatments had taken their toll on my body and drained us emotionally and almost financially. We decided to take a break from the treatments. During the break, we started talking about what God’s plan was for us as far as a family and we felt that He was leading us to adoption. I started searching the Internet and I called a place in California. They needed a home study completed and gave me Family Adoption Services’s phone number. What a blessing that was! Susan answered the phone and after talking with her for a long time, I really felt that this is where God led us. I talked with my husband and told him how Susan made me feel and what all we talked about, and he said that I am usually right when I have these feelings, so let’s see what comes of it. When we got to the question about the race of the child we would like, this was a hard question to answer. We did not care, but we were concerned about family and society acceptance. We wrote down Caucasian, Hispanic, and Asian because they are the “accepted” races with Caucasian couples, or so we thought. Over the course of our waitin​g, the agency and several other people​ contacted us to make sure we had not changed our minds about the race. After about 7 times, we realized it was God trying to get us to see his plan for us. After much talking and prayer, we accepted God’s plan for us. We are now the very proud parents of a beautiful African-American baby boy, who is the love of our lives, and the biggest blessing we could have ever received! Our baby boy could not be more accepted by our families, our church family, our friends, AND by our community! I think he has blessed more than just my husband and me. He has blessed everyone that has come into contact with him. In this process, we gained a new family that we are so thankful for. Rick, Susan, and Mandy….We love you all so much and we will never be able to repay you or thank you enough for what all you have done for us and for the blessing you gave to us! You four are also a part of our “Forever Family” now too. There are two other people that we need to thank most of all, and that is our baby’s birth parents. It is because of them and their selfless gift of love, that we have our precious baby boy. They could have chosen a different alternative for this angel, but they chose to give him the gift of life, and us the gift of a child. There really is no way to thank them enough. So to all you birth parents reading this, you will never know what you all mean to families like mine. May God bless you all.

– Jeremy & Erica

After battling infertility for several years my husband and I made a new year’s resolution to dedicate the upcoming year to adoption. We called several adoption agencies both in and out of state and Family Adoption Services was the first and ONLY agency that actually returned our phone call. They called us back within 30 minutes and had scheduled an appointment for us to come in and speak with Family Adoption Services the next week. My husband and I came with many questions in regards to the adoption process and Rick and Susan answered every single one of them and even shared their personal experiences with adoption. When my husband and I got back in the car we sat and cried with one another as we knew we had finally found the people that were going to help make our dream of starting a family come true.

Shortly after my husband and I had our first in home visit, God introduced us to a young woman that was looking to place her unborn baby for adoption. When I called to ask Rick how we should proceed he laid out a plan for us and said Family Adoption Services would be with us every step of the way, and they were. Rick and Susan worked diligently to get all the required paperwork in order for the birth and the day our little boy was born, Mandy was at the hospital with us, guiding and comforting us through that joyous day. Our adoption story wouldn’t have happened without Family Adoption Services and we can’t find enough words to express our love and gratitude. Rick, Susan, and Mandy  will always hold a special place in our hearts.

– Ashley & Scott

Before we found Family Adoption Services, we had worked with two other adoption agencies but had yet to receive a placement. Six weeks after submitting our dossier, we received a surprise phone call while we were traveling abroad letting us know our healthy, five-day-old son was waiting for us in Birmingham. While we were rushing back to the US to pick him up, Susan and Rick from FAS cared for our son at their home, and took him to the doctor for his check-ups. They cared for him like he was their own child, and even gave us a little coaching on his disposition when we met him for the first time. While wrapping up the final paperwork required to leave the state, we continued to receive daily support from Susan and Rick. As first time parents, their close guidance was invaluable.

We’ve been absolutely delighted by their knowledge throughout the adoption process. Our son is a joy, and we are so grateful for Family Adoption Services’ help in finding him.

– Aarron and Jamie

As I sit down to write this letter to you I can’t help but feel happiness and excitement for all you. The happiness that I will feel the rest of my life. My name is Rennie and I am a birth mother….I am a young mom of 2 beautiful little boys who are 9 months and 3 days apart.If I may, I would love to tell you about my experience with adoption.

Never once did the thought of adoption cross my mind. I always said it will be okay, GOD would take care of me and my boys. Well He did and has continued to. After the early labor and delivery of my second son, I spent months running to and from the hospital. Finally my baby boy got to come home.  One day I looked into my little boy’s eyes and saw life for the first time. I realized that I could not care for both of my children as I knew they both deserved. So for days I thought and prayed for GOD to give me the answer I so desperately needed, and He did. The thought of adoption was the answer. I continued to pray for days that if this was the right thing, GOD would lead me in the right direction. Once again he did. He brought me to Family Adoption Services and I met the most amazing people I have ever met in my life Rick and his wife Susan. At that point I felt that God was telling me, here is your answer, now take it.  At that very moment I felt the pain that I had carried in my heart for so long disappear, and I knew everything would be okay. They found a couple that was perfect. I met them and as soon as I saw their faces, I knew that these where the people that GOD had chosen for my son and me. Rick made sure that I was comfortable with them and that I had all of my questions answered. There were legal papers to sign, the hardest thing I have ever done, but I felt like God was doing it for me. As I walked into the room holding my baby, I knew then that our baby would have more love than I could ever have given him alone, by myself. Now he has two families, he has a Mom & a Dad, a Mother and a Father, and many, many other family members that will always love him!   Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my baby, but also I never feel regret for what I did. He now has the life that I could not have given him.

No I did not lose a son, I gained a family.

Adoption was my answer, as it may be too for many others just like me who want what is best for their children. All I can really say is pray for your GOD to help you, he will never say no.

I hope and wish the best for all adopted children and birth parents … there is no greater love.

– Rennie

Our adoption journey began 9 years ago. We have been blessed with 4 boys all through adoption and we’re still hoping to add another Angel to our family! During the 9 years we were in contact with many social workers and many different adoption agencies. We wanted to find an agency that TRULY cares about birth parents, adoptive families and babies that were being placed for adoption. You would think that should be easy but unfortunately that is hard to come by. Then we found Family Adoption Services and our lives and adoption journey changed. They are the most caring, and loving people we have ever met and they TRULY care about everyone involved. Finding them is a DREAM COME TRUE. We will be forever indebted to them for helping us add our 1st baby girl to our family!! They were thrown many curve balls during the process but they never gave up and supported us the whole time. When we did not think it would happen, they always said to us, “It will work out….this baby is meant to be in your family!” They were so right!!! Now we’re have an amazing Princess and could not be happier!! After 9 long years and much heartbreak we finally found the BEST agency there is out there. We are honored to have them part of our extended family!! The one thing we would have wished for….is that we had found Family Adoption Services sooner!! When we are ready to add another little Angel to our family it will only be through them! They will ALWAYS have a special place in our hearts!!

– Charlene

Adoption is the key for many childless couples. After many failed attempts at trying to successfully have a child and the loss of one late in pregnancy, we knew in our heart that God’s plan for us to build our family was through adoption. Alabama Family Adoption Services made that happen for us. They are not only committed to placing children in loving homes; they truly love each child that passes through their lives. When we held the baby they had for us, we knew instantly he was ours. Our prayers were answered that day. We now have the baby of our dreams and our family is complete. Thank you Alabama Family Adoption Services!

– Gary & Donna

Adoption can feel like a roller coaster ride with a sense of excitement and thrill but also a terrifying loss of control. For us, Family Adoption Services was like the safety bar of the roller coaster car that clamps down and holds you in for the ride. We knew we had people of faith who are knowledgeable about the adoption process from years of legal practice as well as being adoptive parents themselves. We believed that no matter how steep the ride became, that the folks from Family Adoption Services would be there for us.

Now that we have our beautiful little girl, the thrill and fear of the ride was well worth it!

– Julie and Marshall

Working with Family Adoption Services was truly a privilege. We were not fully educated about adoption and the adoption process when we decided to use FAS and adopt our son. But, we can say without a doubt that it is the best choice we have ever made for our family. FAS gently and lovingly guided us through the details while educating us along the way about adoption. The case manager spent a lot of time with us on the phone answering all of our questions and alleviating any fears we had. The attorney was always there to discuss the process and assure us that everything was moving along as it should. We will never forget the day our son was placed into our arms. There was not a moment when FAS was not with us throughout the adoption process. We are forever grateful that they played the part of uniting us with our son and making us a family of three.

– Anonymous Adoptive Parents

I was born to a young girl 25 years ago. She knew she could not give me the kind of life she wanted me to have. So she did the most courageous and unselfish act. She gave me to a family that could love me and take care of me. I have always felt proud about that because someone who loved me dearly wanted me to have a BETTER chance at a BETTER life and she picked the BEST parents for me.

– An Adopted Child

Making the decision to place my baby for adoption was a very difficult decision to make. At such a vulnerable time, I needed an adoption agency that would be understanding and compassionate to my needs. I am so thankful that I chose Family Adoption Services to provide my baby with a loving, Christian home. Rick and Susan Wyatt are wonderful people of integrity. They always treated me with respect and made me feel at home in their office. They were there to grieve with me and to rejoice with me. When you make an adoption plan with them, they are truly with you every step of the way.

– Melissa

I wanted to give my daughter the best life possible, and I knew that, at 19 years old, I couldn’t provide it. So I did the best that I could–I gave her to the most amazing family I have ever met. Anna is growing up with her two loving parents and adorable older sister; and I know I’ve done the right thing. Placing her turned one of the biggest tragedies in my life into one of my greatest accomplishments, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not grateful the decision I made.

– Jenny

Adoption was always something my husband and I wanted to do. We wanted to find an adoption agency that was attentive to our needs and most of all, that cared. When we found Family Adoption Services, it was more than we ever dreamed possible in an adoption agency. Our first adoption through them was a rough road, but from a legal and personal perspective, FAS fought harder than we ever could have dreamed of. No one ever gave up, and when our hopes were down, they lifted us right back up telling as that they “will do anything to make this adoption happen”. They not only are knowledgeable on the social work and legal aspects of adoption, but they are the most caring, honest, loving people we have ever come across. They have become a second family to us and there will always be a place in our hearts for them. They created our family. We have an amazing daughter and son and will never truly be able to repay them for what they have given us, the gift of two amazing lives that we cannot live without.

-Ilyssa and Ben

Family Adoption Services is utmost trustworthy, honest, and professional. They treat everyone with dignity and respect. We thank God that Family Adoption Services helped make our dreams of being parents to our beautiful baby boy come true!

Thrilled Adoptive Parents

We do not even know where to start to express our gratitude towards Family Adoption Services. We had worked with another agency when we were blessed with our daughter and did not have the greatest experience with them. We were cautiously optimistic as we approached our second adoption journey. From the moment I spoke to Susan, I knew we were where we should be. Susan was amazing with helping us get everything we needed in place, even down to helping us locate a hotel. Just one example how they go the extra mile for you, your child and the birth families. Mandy spent hours on the phone getting last minute items needed for placement and Rick, what can I say?… he is the man.

For FAS, this is not just a job, it is their calling and they are amazing. They care for all parties involved as they would their own families, especially the babies, and we are truly blessed to have had the honor to have them become part of our extended family now too.

I would love to speak to you about our experience with Family Adoption Services if that is something you maybe interested in.

I could go on and on but I just wanted to add that contact with FAS does not end after placement. They care for the babies and families, both adoptive and birth, that they make every effort to stay in touch and love to receive updates and pictures of your child. This just reinforces what I touched on earlier, that I firmly believe this is a calling for them and the truly love what they do.

We are now a family of four and have the most beautiful son and are so grateful that GOD lead us to FAS to complete our family.

– Wendy and Jeff

When we started the adoption process there were many things that I knew. I knew I had a strong desire to be a mother, I knew that I would fall in love with our baby instantly, and I knew that this child would be a tremendous blessing to our family. What I couldn’t even begin to understand when we started the adoption process is how adoption would change my heart. I always had an understanding that there were children that needed homes, on a surface level at least. It wasn’t until we brought our son home, that this need became real to me. I never understood what a tremendous need there was to adopt children of African American heritage in the United States. The fact that Family Adoption Services and many other agencies in the U.S. always have an intense need for families open to adopting children of African American heritage breaks my heart. I am so thankful for our beautiful baby boy, and he is without a doubt the child that God meant for us to have. We are looking forward to growing our family more in the future through FAS.

I also never imagined how my heart would break for our birthmother. Her love for him is indescribable, and I am so thankful to be able to maintain contact with her for the sake of our son. What a blessing it will be for him to know as he gets older that he has two mothers who care for him so deeply. I am so thankful that we are able to maintain such a positive relationship with her through Family Adoption Services, I truly feared the words “ semi-open adoption” when we started the process, but now I would not have things any other way.

The sincere concern and care that Rick, Susan, and Mandy have for everyone involved in the adoption process is unmatched. I knew that when our adoption was finalized, that our son would be a part of our “forever family,” but I am so thankful that his beautiful and selfless birthmother is also a part of our family forever. Thank you to Family Adoption Services for making our adoption experience more perfect than we could ever have imagined.

Adoptive Parents

After years of trying to get pregnant with no success we decided to look into adoption. After looking at so many different websites our heads were spinning, until we found Family Adoption Services. Rick and Susan put our minds at ease and helped us through the whole process, keeping us informed of the hows and whys without overwhelming us. They really put us at ease about the adoption itself, allowing us to concentrate on the important things. We got the call when we least expected it, and Rick had to tell us twice before the reality set in: We were now parents of a gorgeous baby girl! Words can’t describe how wonderful it felt to hold her in our arms for the first time, and over a year later we still haven’t lost that feeling of amazement we get when we look at her. Susan always said it best: This baby was the one God wanted us to have. She’s such a wonderful addition to our family and we can’t thank Family Adoption Services enough for helping bring her into our life.

Marcus and Elizabeth

Family. A beautiful word. A beautiful thing. A beautiful idea.
Yes, idea. For some. Like us.
We dreamed of a family but yet, never thought the natural process would be so difficult. So, it was only an idea for a long time. Much praying and soul searching was done before we decided on adoption. And it was the absolute, unmistakable best decision we have ever made.

We met FAS half way through our process, after deciding on domestic adoption. We interviewed many, many agencies. But, from the moment we sat down with Rick and Susan, we knew we were in good hands. We knew they were in this profession for the right reason. And what reason is that? The children. Everything they do, it is what is best for each and every child.

Family Adoption Services is an intimate atmosphere, unlike big agencies. We have gotten to know Rick and Susan both well now. They continue to amaze with their love for this process. They support the adoptive families as well as the birth mothers, which was important to us.

Reflecting on our family and back on the whole process, we cannot say enough wonderful things about Family Adoption Services.

Blessed Forever Family

Family. A beautiful word. A beautiful thing. A beautiful idea.
Yes, idea. For some. Like us.
We dreamed of a family but yet, never thought the natural process would be so difficult. So, it was only an idea for a long time. Much praying and soul searching was done before we decided on adoption. And it was the absolute, unmistakable best decision we have ever made.