Adopting A Child

We know adoption can be a difficult and challenging decision. Family Adoption Services can help guide you through this complicated process.

Whether you have made a firm commitment to adopt or are still deciding if it’s right for you, we want to help. Family Adoption Services is a private, Alabama licensed adoption agency established in 1991. We offer complete adoption services to adopting couples including adoption consultation, counseling, birthmother identification, home studies, legal services, and post-placement services. We have expertise in Domestic Adoptions as well as International and Interstate Adoptions.

Family Adoption Services is here to support you. We do extensive preparation for an adoption, from our first contact through the placement of your child. We assist you in assessing family readiness for adoption. Afterwards, we provide counseling regarding adoptive issues specific to placement, and are available for support and guidance as your family grows and develops. We take pride in the fact that most of our families maintain close contact with Family Adoption Services and visit with us often. Many of our families serve as support for newly adopting families.

At Family Adoption Services, it is very important that we know all we can about the adoptive family and the atmosphere in which the child will be raised. Not everyone who applies to Family Adoption Services is accepted. Not everyone who undergoes a home study investigation receives our recommendation for the placement of a child. We constantly strive to make sure the adoptive families will make the best possible parents to a child and that the child will be raised in a happy, stable, and loving home.

The home study process is quite extensive. There is a thorough background check of criminal, financial, medical and other relevant information, as well as actual visits in the family’s home and interviews with the family, friends, and co-workers. Additionally, each prospective adoptive parent must be cleared through the State Central Registry on Child Abuse/Neglect to assure us they have never been convicted or even accused, of child abuse or neglect.

It is also important for you to know that all adoptive families receive extensive, on-going counseling regarding adoption throughout the adoption process.