It all started when…

Recently someone asked me why I chose adoption for my son. All I knew to say was God told me to. Sometimes people want to know more than that, especially if they are considering what’s best for their child.


I started praying every night for God to make me a good parent. Finally I realized that everyone who is a good parent puts their child before themselves. In order for my son to have a good life he needed stability, a home and parents who could give him a wonderful future. None of which I could do as a teenager. I went to my Mom and asked her if she was okay with me considering adoption. My Mom, my boyfriend and I prayed. We all prayed about it and all three of us separately found the same agency, Family Adoption Services. I went to meet with Susan, she is honestly the sweetest woman I know. She helped me so much and she still does to this day. She is so encouraging. When I was about 16 weeks pregnant we started looking at profiles for adoptive families. We found the perfect family… and they are literally perfect! I get pictures of the baby all the time. I send him presents and talk to his mom very often. In the future when he’s older I will get to meet him again, I know that in my heart.

I’m not going to lie, the week after I gave birth was the most difficult week of my life. Even though I knew I did the right thing, I still experienced pain and grief and loss. I cried all the time. But I got better every day. I have to remind myself that he’s happy and I have to keep working every day to be the best person I can. I truly believe God led me to adoption.