Joe and Lindsey

From the moment...


we met Rick and Susan we knew they were the agency we wanted to guide us in our adoption journey. We could see how deeply they care for the birth families and adoptive families. We were comforted knowing Rick and Susan would be the ones to care for our baby during the mandatory waiting period. We got “The Call” from Susan the day after Thanksgiving.  My husband was outside painting the eaves on the house and actually missed her call. I called her back when I got home and she asked us to come to the office to talk. As I went to open our front door to go outside it was full of ladybugs, such a sweet sign from the Lord. As we talked with Rick and Susan, they told us a baby girl had been born and was still in the NICU due to some medical needs. They told us they had been praying and they felt that we were her family.  We saw our first photo of her precious little face and we agreed to go home and pray together. As we pulled in the garage that afternoon, we just sat in the car together and prayed. It didn’t take us long to call Susan and ask if we could go meet her. As we arrived at the hospital that evening we were excited and hopeful but also a bit nervous. The moment we walked into her room and we held her in our arms we were overwhelmed with a sense of true peace.

We knew in our hearts that this was the little girl that God created to join our family and she became our daughter. We were able to bring her home just a few days later and we have loved every minute with her. She is already loved by so many people who have prayed for us during this adoption experience. If you are considering the gift of adoption or have felt the call to adopt, Family Adoption Services will be there every step of the journey. The passion for adoption runs deep at FAS and we are forever grateful and blessed for their love, guidance, and encouragement as they allowed God to work through them to create our forever family.