Marcus and Elizabeth



" with no success we decided to look into adoption. After looking at so many different websites our heads were spinning, until we found Family Adoption Services. Rick and Susan put our minds at ease and helped us through the whole process, keeping us informed of the hows and whys without overwhelming us. They really put us at ease about the adoption itself, allowing us to concentrate on the important things. We got the call when we least expected it, and Rick had to tell us twice before the reality set in: We were now parents of a gorgeous baby girl! Words can’t describe how wonderful it felt to hold her in our arms for the first time, and over a year later we still haven’t lost that feeling of amazement we get when we look at her. Susan always said it best: This baby was the one God wanted us to have. She’s such a wonderful addition to our family and we can’t thank Family Adoption Services enough for helping bring her into our life."